Our Story

Creativity has no beginning or end because it's a continuous journey.

JingleShirt? What’s that?

Step into the most happening place in town.

JingleShirt, in case you are one of the few netizens who has never heard of us, officially began in 22.2.2013 as an online crowd-sourced, community-driven limited edition T-shirt company. In just a short period of time, we have grown into a popular online platform featuring some of the most attractive and uproarious Tees around the town!

It’s not just about selling T-shirts!

Kick started by Alan Yeong and Kok Hoor, both IT professionals who are deeply smitten by the world of creative designs, this is a story of how an online T-shirt company is living their dream. Over the past months, we have amassed a vast archive of cool and entertaining designs, showcasing the very best tees created by the community.

Do what you love in JingleShirt.

NOTHING can stop a good idea when we’re around.

Creativity is the core of our existence, and JingleShirt is always hunting for the best designers to promote their unique and up-to-the-minute T-shirt designs! We really acknowledge your creative talents thus feel free to join our creative community, as we are about to bring you up to the next level.

Designers are meant to be loved, not understood.

In JingleShirt, you are free to do what you always love most. We believe that designs are thinking made visual, and we’re here to ensure that your dreams will transform into reality.