Angel In.Me

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Color: White
Angel In.Me


Christopher Ong

About the Shirt

Was doing my Curriculum Vitae and came across this question which kinda haunts me till now, "What kind of person am I, who am I deep inside?", that got me to thinking:

1) Nowadays, people walk around with a smile on their faces but are they truly happy?

2) About friends telling you they are an angelic child... are they now?

3) About my ex-student who told me that she has this bad girl look so people tend to judge her for the way she look - she is in fact someone with a kind heart.

Well the list goes on, my point is everyone of us have this inner demon or angel or characters which we kept locked up in our heart -for some reasons - yet managed to leak out once in a while. Hence the birth of the In.Me designs, with "Angel" as the first of the lots.


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