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Color: White


Jun Haw
Life is a learning process, now go.

About the Shirt

There are times when you just don't feel like bothering anything anymore. Like you just don't want to care about it for a moment. To allow things around you to move on for a bit, to let yourself breathe for just a little while. You give yourself the space, the time and the luxury to not be bothered by the things, the people and the place around you. You close your eyes and not wanting to think, not wanting to entertain, not wanting to care. So, you just give them the "meh." It is a very simple expression when you just tell people that you need exactly that. That time to shut down from the rest of the world and not to be engaged in any forms of emotional and physical responses. One simple expression, one simple moment for you.

Just tell them: "Meh."


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