Nerd Panda

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Color: White
Nerd Panda


Adele Goh
A 14 Years Old Designer

About the Shirt

Hi, I’m Nerd Panda. B’cuz I’m a Nerd, don’t be surprised that I know so many things that you probably don’t know! N’ this explains why I’m wearing such thick glasses, that makes me irresistibly cute!

8 Silly Facts about Nerd Panda

My diet is 99% bamboo

I eat up to 84 pounds of bamboo per day but shhhhh, don’t tell Momma! Sometimes, I stray away to munch on grass or even small rodents.

I have strange skin coloring

Underneath that fuzzy coating of black and white fur, I have some pretty strange skin coloring. Beneath the white fur, the skin is black and beneath the black fur, the skin is pink!

I can’t open my eyes after birth

It takes approximately 50 to 60 days for me to open my eyes. Therefore, my Momma stayed with me at all times, rarely leaving the den.

Rawr, I have huge teeth!

I might look like a big, big teddy bear, but I can be quite dangerous, if I want to! One panda tooth is on average seven times bigger than a human tooth.

Eat, eat, and eat!

My diet may consist only of bamboo, but I spend between 12 to 16 hours of the day just for eating!

BIG Momma & Tiny Cub

My Momma is 900 times bigger than me at birth. When born, I was only about the size of a croissant. Momma would hold the tiny me in her paw, pressing it against her chest to keep me warm and safe. Awww, I want to be young again!

MEKKK, I bleat like goats

Do you know I don’t make scary roaring sound like most bears? Instead I make friendly bleating and honking noises to communicate with other panda friends. Sometimes, I sneeze funnily too!

I have good manners

I always sit while I eat. Instead of standing while eating food, I use my front paws to hold the bamboo shoots, while indulging on the heavenly bamboo.

Now there are 8 silly reasons to love me even more, so don’t forget to bring Nerd Panda home with you!


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